Mahlkönig coffee grinders & espresso grinders - indulgence for the highest standards

The Germans LOVE coffee! Every morning a cup of the beloved hot beverage is prepared to start the day fit and in a good mood. The tasty brew of coffee beans revives spirits and prepares us for the workday ahead. It turns out that 164 liters of coffee are consumed annually per German citizen - a clear proof of the great popularity of coffee.

Nevertheless, there are big differences! An inferior bean diminishes the enjoyment of the hot beverage and can really spoil our day. However, the preparation method and equipment are even more important.

Mahlkönig's premium coffee and espresso grinders are handmade and enhance the natural flavors of coffee beans. They are considered the personification of quality and taste, because with a coffee grinder from Mahlkönig, every cup of coffee becomes an extraordinary experience.