5 year warranty extension for your mill - PREMIUM


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5 year warranty extension for your mill - PREMIUM

Advantages of an extended warranty
- A total of 60 months warranty after date of purchase.
- Protection against: design defects, material defects, manufacturing defects and other defects attributable to one of the aforementioned defects.
- Regardless of the warranty extension, statutory warranty rights and periods continue to apply in each case.
- All expenses necessary for the restoration of the former, operational condition, in particular costs for spare parts and repair work, are compensated.

ATTENTION: A warranty extension cannot be purchased retrospectively. The warranty must be ordered together with the item to be insured. One warranty certificate is required per item, assigned to that machine category. This offer is only valid for consumers and not for commercial buyers.


Prerequisite for the claim for free repair is the
presentation of the certificate, the original purchase receipt and the serial number.

Conditions of warranty extension

NEW YORK COFFEE COMPANY - unda.tainment GmbH - Grünsinker Str. 5b - 82234 Weßling
The extension of the legal warranty to a voluntary warranty of a total of 60 months from the date of purchase.

1. type of warranty extension
The warranty extension is based on an electronics insurance, with which the purchased device, by payment of a one-time premium, against manufacturing, construction and material defects, and material defects, which occur during the term of the insurance contract according to the legal occurs.

2. amount of the premium
The amount of the premium depends on the type and condition of the device and is non-refundable. is not refundable.

3. what is insured
Insured are the devices listed on the invoice with the insurance premium against design defects, material defects, manufacturing defects and other defects which are due to one of the of the above-mentioned defects.

4. what is not insured
Not insured are in particular defects or damages which are not manufacturing, construction or material defects. material defects. This applies in particular to wear and tear and consumables. Only direct property damage to the insured device is covered. For financial loss, loss of profit, liability damage, non-material damage and indirect damage damage (consequential damage) are not covered by the insurance. Also, only the sold item is covered. Possible costs of shipment, storage or storage or securing are not part of the insurance coverage. Not insured are devices that are used commercially but according to the manufacturer not designed for this purpose. designed for this purpose.
Not insured are damages caused by improper storage of the device. More detailed explanation: The unda.tainment GmbH does not provide, without regard to contributory causes, in particular compensation for damages,
a) due to operating errors and clumsiness (fall, breakage, liquids) in case of slight and gross negligence
b) by intent,
c) by a third party (the family circle as well as family members living in the household are not third parties within the meaning of these terms and conditions),
d) by property crime,
e) by force majeure or by animals,
f) by improper storage or by use contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer (see operating instructions),
g) due to design, material or manufacturing defects before the expiry of the guarantee and warranty of the manufacturer or the seller,
h) for which a third party, such as the manufacturer, dealer, another insurer or repair company is responsible or liable,
i) through wear and tear as well as costs for service, adjustment and cleaning work
j) by falling, dropping and breakage,
k) by water, humidity and moisture outside the designated area of the device, l) by humidity and water due to weather conditions,
m) by short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage,
n) by fire, fire, lightning, explosion, impact or crash of an aircraft, its parts or its cargo as well as smoldering, glowing, scorching, glowing or implosion,
o) by storm, frost, hail, falling rocks, flooding,
p) by serial defects,
q) by earthquake, war, warlike events, terror, nuclear energy or nuclear substances,
r) which are considered cosmetic damage, such as scratches, dents, color changes, etc.
s) by being lost, left behind, forgotten and lost,
t) by consequential damage and loss of use,
u) lime damage of any kind
v) through sporting activity,
w) through commercial use, if the device has not been explicitly approved for this purpose by the manufacturer, x) through improper storage.

5 Obligations of the policyholder or the user
The insurance coverage is to be invoiced and paid in full at the time of purchase of the goods. Upon payment of the premium, the contract becomes legally effective. The insured equipment must be used and stored (also during transport) properly, carefully, safely and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
A violation of these obligations leads to the partial or complete loss of the insurance coverage in case of gross negligence.
If an insured event occurs, the damage must be kept as low as possible. The damage must be reported to the dealer immediately (within three working days) in writing. The insurer is to be provided with any information regarding the claim without delay. All information which is of importance for the reason or the amount of the compensation is to be given completely and truthfully, to us, immediately.
A violation of these obligations can lead to the exemption from benefits of the insurer.

6 Beginning and end of insurance coverage
The insurance coverage begins with the day of the purchase of the electrical appliance from the user.
In the case of mail order business, the date of dispatch shall apply.
In case of direct sale/shipment by unda.tainment GmbH, the day of shipment is also considered the start of insurance.
In case of commercial intermediary trade the day of invoicing to the end customer is valid. As far as this occurs a maximum of one year after the payment of the insurance premium.
If the day of sale to the customer takes longer than one year, the date of purchase from the intermediary is considered the start of insurance coverage.
The insurance coverage ends 5 years after the beginning of the insurance coverage.
In case of a total loss, the insurance coverage ends with the acceptance or rejection of the claim.
The insurance coverage can be passed on with the device, if all necessary documents (original invoice!) are passed on to the new owner.

7. scope of benefits
Compensated are all expenses necessary for the restoration of the former, operational condition, especially costs for spare parts and repair materials at the repair company commissioned or named by unda.tainment GmbH.
The insurer does not pay compensation for
a) Costs of an overhaul or other measures that would also have been necessary independently of the insured event,
b) additional costs due to modifications or improvements that go beyond the restoration,
c) costs of an own restoration,
d) costs for consumables of any kind.
If the device is not economically recoverable (total loss), compensation will be paid, at the insurer's discretion, either with a replacement device up to the amount of the insured value or with a technically equivalent replacement device. A payment of the compensation in cash is not possible. The insured value is the device price stated on the purchase receipt less 10% of the device price per year that has elapsed since the date of purchase. The upper limit of compensation is the insurance value, whereby compensation already paid for previous damage (e.g. multiple repairs) is included in the calculation.

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